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Our approach to insurance planning may be more unique than what you have probably experienced in the past. Our goal is to understand catastrophic financial loss in the event the income stops, to understand the high-net-worth planning opportunities that insurance trusts may provide, and to understand the need to protect and preserve your hard-earned wealth. We stress-test existing policies to see if they meet today’s needs and if they will continue to do so into the future. If the need changes from when existing policies were purchased, we evaluate other appropriate strategies. We believe investors should carefully compare expenses, features, and benefits when considering exchanging an existing life insurance policy for a new one, including the possible surrender fees of the existing policy and the surrender period with any new policy. We have a network of top-rated companies for life, disability, and long-term care insurance. This network not only allows us to offer an appropriate strategy for your needs, but also ensures that we are able to find competitive rates in the marketplace. Our clients like knowing that we are shopping the marketplace for them and that our insurance strategies are part of their overall wealth management plan.