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It’s easy to set your retirement contribution percentage on autopilot and forget about it.  At Kletschke Wealth Management Group, we believe planning for retirement shouldn’t be a one-and-done topic of conversation, but something that deserves a comprehensive, experienced approach throughout your lifetime! 

If you are still working, our goal is to develop a plan to get you to retirement, but it doesn’t end there.  We dig in further, asking questions such as:

  • What do you envision for your retirement?
  • What might it cost to get there?
  • How can your investment plan help support you?
  • What other income streams might be available to help?
  • When do you begin Social Security?  

And if you are already retired, we will ask:

  • What might your healthcare costs look like the future?
  • Is your home set up appropriately as you age?
  • Who will step in to help you with your affairs when you need it?
  • How will your withdrawal rate impact your ability to have your portfolio last through your lifetime?
Whether you are early in your career, transitioning to retirement, or in retirement, let us help you define the details!